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While being in the field I know have used several products, wejust want to commend each of the

Products that we have used have been truly like nothing else on the market for each chemicals purpose.

The HDF that we purchased was able to remove all the burnt glycol from the affected units and was able to return the units cooling system back to a state of cleanliness that rivals a new machine operation.

The OCF that we used after having an oil cooler failure on a G3516 it was able to break down the oil and allow the cooling system to be cleaned in a single treatment of the product.

Then while buying those products we purchased your badass degreaser for our wash rig and wash bay equipment. This product cleans like no other we have found. We pre-spray our units with concentrate then hit it hot water and a badass degreaser mix in the pressure washer and the grime and oil didn’t stand a chance with the way it broke the contamination free from the unit.

All of the products we have used have been spot on for their application and use.


Thanks David for all your service and support of your products with us.

K&R Operating


“Over many years, I’ve used several other cooler cleaning companies, Ultimate Chemicals has exceeded our expectations and saved us money. Not only was our coolers visibly cleaner, but our temperatures dropped further than before. They have a chemical and a system that gets the job done better than I’ve seen. That chemical was blowing all the way through the cooler and they weren’t bending any fins. I was worried when they used pressure washers to rinse. They use less pressure and more gallons per minute. No bent fins and far less rinse time. Everything looked beautiful.”

Bryan Robinson
Area Service Manager


“I’ve been in this business for 30 years. When I started, we used to clean everything ourselves. Nowadays we hire it out. I can’t begin to explain what a huge difference it is to finally get our coolers REALLY CLEAN. I saw the biggest temp drops I had ever seen. I had never seen them shine. I like how they only charge for what they clean. It was even cheaper than paying a day rate like the others and they don’t have to flood the pad when they rinse. It’s all about the chemical. Huge difference. No comparison. They’re our preferred vendor now.”

Ray Skinner
Maintenance Superintendent

Heavy Duty Flush
Preventive Maintenance Flush

“I didn’t think this was gonna work. I tried about everything to clean out this black stuff over the years. They had a tough one to prove it on. I was floored when we drained the first flush. It was solid black. Their flush broke down everything. I liked how they cleaned out the day tank. It’s hard to believe all the crap that collects in there. After they ran the second round, they cleaned out even more out of the tank. After the final rinse out, we pulled the exhaust manifold for inspection and the water pump. We scoped inside the cooler too. This was restored for a small fraction of what it would have cost to swing that engine. Plus the cooler was spotless inside. And to think this was done while the unit was running? We started it up and it was running cooler than the four other units at that station. Now the other four did not have the black stuff. We ran the Preventive Maintenance Flush on those. Now they all run between 181 to 184.
Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes something new. Trust me, it flat out works!”

Brett Anderson
Lead Mechanic

“After all my mechanics started telling me they wanted to try Bad Ass Degreaser, I called David at Ultimate. I told him we have been paying half as much. He explained how concentrated it is. He said once we dilute one part to four parts water it was less than a gallon of milk. He said that’s the strongest most will use it. I was amazed how much better it worked. Huge difference. We dilute it a little more than that now that we finally got our skids so clean. I’m so glad I gave them a try. I’ve also tried the Corrosion Proof Rust Remover, cooler cleaner, Aluminum Degreaser, and Vehicle Shampoo. The CPRR cleared up areas that had rust and protected from further rust. The cooler cleaner is the the best I’ve ever seen. The Aluminum Degreaser was perfect for cleaning up oil that leaked on a cooler. I use the vehicle shampoo personally. It will clean my work truck and my boat better than anything else. I plan on getting some Preventive Maintenance Flush soon. From what I’ve heard, I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.”

Maintenance Manager