APWC - Automatic Parts Washing Compound

APWC - Automatic Parts Washing Compound

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APWC - Automatic Parts Washing Compound

Low foaming detergent for cleaning all types of metals and plastics safely and professionally. 
An automatic jet spray parts washer and the superb performance of APWC, will deliver ultimate results on many types of grime and stains.

The grime removing surfactants in APWC are biodegradable and act as an anti-foam agent at operating temperatures. These water-soluble compounds offer a number of outstanding benefits when compared to conventional cleaning chemicals.



  • Low foam at using temperatures above 140°
  • Non-corrosive to aluminum and other metals
  • Cleans aluminum engine heads, blocks, and parts to like new brightness
  • Removes manufacturing grime, forming compounds, and smudges from aluminum diecastings, extrusions, and former parts
  • Causes no metal sacrifice
  • Rinses and dries streak free (may be used in no rinse systems)
  • Quickly releases removed oils and solids from cleaning solution assuring maximum solution life
  • pH of diluted spent solution is normally within government waste water standards for drain line disposal. Easily neutralize to meet city or county disposal requirements
  • Long using life






Normal solution:  Dissolve 1 pound in each gallon of water in cleaning vat.

Heat solution to 160 Fahrenheit to 180 Fahrenheit.


Submerge parts for 30 minutes, withdraw, wash with pressure washer, and inspect.


Some parts may require four hours or more to clean.


Others may require 15 to 20 minutes.


Experiment by cleaning various parts in various vat operating temperatures.




APWC - Automatic Parts Washing Compound

(Concentrated) 4oz – 16oz Per gallon